Replicate our process step by step with our blueprint.

We’re hoping this document will give anyone interested in replicating the experiment an idea of what to expect in terms of planning, timeline, skills and resources. We’re also hoping others will “fork” and modify this set of instructions to add better, more effective steps and tips, or to adapt them to specific contexts.

The Redirect Method has two components: ads for reaching an audience and videos for presenting them with alternative narratives. The blueprint is a step-by-step guide for setting up ad campaigns and video playlists. These ads and videos are no different from those used in any commercial advertising campaign; the Redirect Method offers no additional data access or targeting capabilities and follows the guidelines detailed on Google Ads and YouTube Community Guidelines.

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Recruitment narratives are tailored to specific audiences and evolve quickly. We’re interested in other approaches and findings into the main drivers of recruitment videos, and the counter-points that can be found in videos uploaded by others online. We’re also eager to hear about relevant keywords and insights that would help others replicate the Method. If you conduct relevant research, manage YouTube channels and AdWords campaigns, want to fund other iterations of the method, or can contribute in other ways, please get in touch.

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